Our team has decades of experience designing, implementing, completing, and delivering customized casualty audits. Auditing is about measuring compliance, effectiveness of practices and communicating the findings in way that improves skills, knowledge, and outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

We are experts on the regulatory requirements for workers’ compensation claims
  • California Profile Audit Review – We can help prepare you for PAR or assist in rebutting findings from the Audit Unit.


  • Office of Self Insurance Plans – Our team can train your colleagues on the regulatory requirements for reserving self-insured claims and audit for reserve adequacy.

Adherence with Best Practices/Client Handling Instructions

Our colleague designed best practices for the world’s largest third-party administrator as well as helped shape handling instructions for many fortune companies. Give us the opportunity to measure compliance and provide expert advice on any needed revisions that will have a positive impact on your outcomes.

Reserve Adequacy

Adequate and timely reserving is critical for employers and carriers to clearly understand present exposure and forecast future losses. Our team has decades of experience in measuring reserve adequacy for both insured, but more importantly, self-insured employers.

Forming Rebuttals for Audits Conducted by State Agencies

California publishes results of audits conducted by the Audit Unit and Office of Self-Insurance Plans. Our team has experience analyzing, forming rebuttals, and negotiating scores with State Auditors.

Litigation Management

The best technique of managing litigation is avoiding it all together. However, when litigation occurs it must be managed effectively by the examiner. Poor litigation management leads to increased claim durations and costs. Our approach helps reduce litigation and provides the examiner with tips on how to effectively manage litigation when it occurs.